Find out more about the staff and the locomotive’s at the Grosvenor Park Miniature Railway in Chester.


Nick Johnson

Nick has been with us for several years as a volunteer. He works in the rail industry in the maintenance dept . of a large rail company and his hobbies include photography which he is very good at.

Steve Hardin

Steve is the current owner and Managing Director of Grosvenor Park Miniature Railway, he has been in charge for 15 years and really enjoys running the railway. He gets a buzz from seeing the looks of enjoyment on the children’s faces when they have their rides on the train

John Murray

John was one of the gentlemen who helped to save the railway from closure back in 1997. Work commitments mean he is unable to visit us very often these days. He can be seen driving his Chester tram in the gallery back in 2003. We have recently purchased his tram from him which we are rebuilding and will be running later in the year.

Ryan Davies

Ryan has been a volunteer for about 2 years, he has trained as a car mechanic who at the moment is looking for a fulltime position. Ryan drives, customer service, sells and clips tickets and helps with some of the repairs. He is very good with the customers.

Tim Jones

Tim is our longest serving volunteer, he has been at the railway for approx. 17  years. He has his own car valeting business and does a really good job of detailing a car. When he is not working he can be found driving the train, clipping tickets or just generally being helpful to our many customers. This is an old photo from about 10 years ago, when I can match my camera with one of Tim’s working days I will take a more up to date photo.

Phil Sharp

Phil moved to Chester from Cleethorpes last year where he was a volunteer on another miniature railway near his home. He was a natural to become a volunteer on our railway.

His interest as well as trains is buses and has restored a vintage bus.

Paul Stevens

Paul is the Assistant Manager at the railway who runs the business when Steve is on holiday, away on business or just having a day off. Paul can usually be seen on a weekend.


Electric Tram

This is our new Electric Tram which was purchased in June 2015. It can be seen running in the Gallery section about ten years ago with John Murray driving.

Its in a pretty sorry state at the moment and the photo shows it as of 16th July 2015 with no wheels, bogies or body. The wheels and bogies have already been sent away for new 400 watt motors and heavier duty drive gears. It is hoped that the Tram will be running again during October but may not be complete with its new bodywork.


The GP40 is our main Loco and can normally been seen in operation on a daily basis.  It has a nine and a half horsepower Honda petrol engine driving a hydrostat, which controls the engines speed and power to the driving wheels. It was built in 2004 by Roger Greaterex of Knightly Light Railway and will pull four fully loaded coaches.

So far we recon it has covered about 45,000 miles in the eleven years of service, it is still on its original engine and one new drive belt. It has however worn out two sets of wheels and several sets of drive chains.

Stevie B

Our new Thomas II steam locomotive named “Stevie B” after the Managing Director. This is a 0-4-2 loco and very powerfull, it can pull about eight coaches although we will only ever pull four. It weighs half a ton, uses about 20 kilo’s of coal on a busy day and drinks about five gallon of water every hour. The loco runs at a boiler pressure of 100 psi but could run at 150. Behind Stevie B is our other loco Brenda Isabella notice the size difference. THIS LOCO HAS NOW BEEN SOLD AND NO LONGER AT THE RAILWAY.

Robin Butterell

No1 Class 47 Diesel “Robin Butterell” named after the railways founder. This loco is our spare passenger hauler. It has a nine horsepower Honda petrol engine driving a hydrostat, which controls the engines speed and power to the driving wheels. Built during 2001 by William Close a model engineer from Marple, Stockport.

Brenda Isabella

Romulus type steam engine “Brenda Isabella” named after the Managing Director’s mum who died in October 2001. Brenda is an 0-4-0 steam engine which runs at a steam pressure of 80psi, she can pull two carriages full of people. She burns steam coal to heat the water but has been known to burn old socks if the need arises or the drivers feet get too smelly. THIS LOCO IS CURRENTLY OUT OF SERVICE DUE TO THE THEFT OF THE BOILER.